Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We are a multi-disciplinary engineering practice who believe in closeness and a personable approach in our service provision.

We cover every facet of Structural and Civil Engineering as our core business.  We also provide all other construction design and management disciplines under one umbrella. We are creative, ingenious, innovative problem solvers and designers who enjoy what we do.  Our organisations culture and personality is progressive and seeks to include fun within in a very serious environment.

We are in business to create a legacy for the societies we engage with, our clients, our staff and business community.  We seek to make reasonable profit for reinvestment, skills growth, research and development and providing the best possible reward to our organisations staff.

We seek to serve local and international markets, attracting commissions of very large scale, whilst serving the needs of modest proposals in the same way.  The benefits we provide are reliability, agility, closeness, and a personable service;  we are all about the journey to a high quality product.

We lead from the front.  Our business is run by Engineers who will be shoulder to shoulder with our clients in every aspect.  We will not have layer upon layer of decision making process.   Our leadership team and principal engineers are multi skilled, collecting a broad engineering teams knowledge in one person.

Our organisational structure does not live in ‘management trees’;  it lives in a ‘spherical atmosphere’:  we are not rigid or linear, but are an all-encompassing structural dynamic. Our collective centuries of experience will not be lost.