Our organisations personality is engendered by our values, which were defined by our staff:


Fair, promoting the common good, not self-serving, team centric, trustworthy, and reliable. We will never lose our skills base through promotions to management roles. We lead from the front.


Always flexible, culture conscious, love new stuff, adventurous


Agile approach, Change is natural, positive bias


Very high standards, extra mile regularly taken, we have pride. We will always have a senior person directly responsible for our service.


We are close. We watch our ‘client’s’ back, we care about our team’s aspirations and expectations, we like to understand all that is around us. We care about you; you care about you, so if you succeed we succeed

Staff well-beingStaff well-being

Our people are our most valuable asset. Our barometer is smiles and enthusiasm


Fun is a serious business. Really this speaks for itself. It’s all about the journey which is much more enjoyable if we can make it easy and smooth the way